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“Silence is NOT golden”


Mr Khan will be hosting two lunch and share sessions at the end of March and another at the end of April where members of all ages from the Urdu speaking community will be invited to come along and listen to his lived experience of mental illness and learn that in his view "silence is not golden".  Talking about these issues is vital to enable mental well-being and reduce the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds mental illness.

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Mr M Khan

A local community activist who has been involved in his local community in Waltham Forest for the past 50 years.  During his time, he has been a prominent councillor with the local council where he also was the Chair of the Planning Committee.  His activities today, despite his senior years, see him offering support to the most vulnerable members of the community through his recently started Breakfast Club which developed from the work he has been involved in through a local Food Bank.  His persuasive charms and dogged determination to support those in need see him visiting the local supermarkets across the borough - and on occasion venturing into the neighbouring borough of Redbridge - where he collects the food donations used to provide hot meals and a weekly shopping bag.  His other role is offering a weekly support group on a Thursday from 12 - 2pm at the William Morris Community Centre, where members of the Asian community meet to provide support and friendship to one another.  He is also an active and vocal member of the William Morris Big Local where his views on all community matters affecting the area where he lives are regularly verbalised.

This senior citizen is a truly inspirational man and his community spirit is one he never waivers from in spite of having experienced depression and anxiety over many many years.


Mental Health Diagnosis –

Depression and Anxiety

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“Bad Mother”

I have been told by an internet troll that I can't have a mental health condition because I look too groomed. They told me I was glamorizing mental ill health by wearing lipstick and I was also worried people would think I was a bad mother and I had failed by having Postnatal Depression.

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Jo Love


My name is Jo and I'm a mental health campaigner having lived experience with depression, post-natal depression, anxiety and PTSD. I am an advocate on social media for mental health but also through awareness raising events. I strongly believe when we share our stories this is when change begins to happen. I am particularly keen to spread the message to mums experience maternal mental health issues that they are not alone and have not failed.

In retaliation to the negative internet troll, I created the hashtag on social media #depressionwearslippy where women all over the country (and world) shared lipstick selfies to show the 'face' of mental health can look like EVERYONE!


Mental Health Diagnosis -

Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Compulsive Tendencies

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Lousie Negative.jpg


Some people say that university is the best time of your life. Mine was far from it. In my second year, I spent almost a year in hospital receiving inpatient treatment for anorexia and depression. It was certainly a life-changing, difficult time but helped shape who I am.

Louise Sun


Some people say that university is the best time of your life. Mine was far from it. In my second year, I spent almost a year in hospital receiving inpatient treatment for anorexia and depression. It was certainly a life-changing, difficult time but helped shape who I am. It’s made me learn how vital it is to feel connected to people and society, what strong and healthy relationships are really like, how to be resilient and what really determines my self-worth. I’m a million miles away from perfect but I’ve accepted that my flaws just help make me human.

I’m pleased to have overcome but I don’t let my past challenges hold me back. Because defining and understanding individuals is ridiculously complex and takes a lot more than just two labels.

I am more than just someone who used to have anorexia and depression and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I am a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend. I am a passionate civil servant. I’m proud to be both British and Chinese. I love playing the piano, being a creative cook and walking in green spaces where I can immerse myself in nature. I’ve led the signing of two government departments to the Time to Change Employer pledge, am a Mental Health First Aider and a Rethink Mental Illness Regional Committee Member – determined to tackle mental health issues in any way I can.


Mental Health Diagnosis –


Anorexia / Depression




I didn't tell anyone for years due to the stigma. I worried that people would think I could not be trusted with taking on the responsibility of having a job, family etc

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Jon Salmon


Jon Salmon has created an award-winning production studio, a pioneer of live video streaming from some of the largest music festivals and co-founder of creative agency Byte Entertainment.


Jon lost his father to suicide as a teenager and a few years later in his first job was sectioned and admitted to hospital with stress and depression. Unlike his Dad, Jon was able to get the right help including support from his employer and returned to a new job the following year.


Sadly, after the suicide of a close friend to postnatal depression in 2016, Jon decided he had to start speaking out to reduce the stigma of mental illness.


Jon now talks openly about his mental health, having shared his story alongside Prince William, in the House of Lords, on TV and within schools and organisations to break the stigma of mental



Mental Health Diagnosis –


Psychotic episode, stress and depression

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“Self - harmer”


Self- harm is a way of coping with, or expressing emotional pain

It is NOT attention seeking!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but labels will never harm me”


When we break a leg, that, is clearly visible and will warrant sympathy, concessions and understanding from others.  However, having a broken heart or a broken mind, is not clearly visible.

What lies beneath our “smile”, that we display to family, friends and the general public?

When people discover you have a mental health diagnosis, such as schizophrenia or personality disorder, etc, we will be judged negatively through misunderstanding or misconceptions about mental health.



I have been co-facilitating the Hearing Voices Group, in Waltham Forest, for the past 15 years and I was featured as “local hero”, in the E-List magazine, last year, I am a TTC Champion and I like to knit for friends, family and charities.


Mental Health Diagnosis –


Schizo-affective disorder and emotionally unstable personality disorder

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“Jekyll and Hyde”


“When I was in the psych ward, I was told by some people I would never get a job and I ruined my life. But now, a year later I now work and visit the ward I was a patient in”.


“Some people think that bipolar is like being Jekyll and Hyde. One quote that is popular that annoys me is 'I hate being bipolar, it's amazing'”

Dee Dee


My name is Dina, but most people call me Dee Dee. I have cyclothymia which is a type of bipolar. Beyond my diagnosis I am a qualified counsellor, I work within mental health and I use my experiences to help others as well as helping those in crisis. I like being creative and making art that highlights the struggles surrounding mental health, I like to laugh, see friends, and explore shops for vintage treasures. 


Mental Health Diagnosis -

Cyclothymia ('mild' bipolar)

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Preeti Negative.jpg

“Drama Queen”


The many things I thought people would associate with me were lazy, inefficient, attention seeker, drama queen, shy, difficult, disturbed.

preeti example.jpg

Preeti Kaur


I am not defined by my diagnosis. Who would've thought a 'depressed person with anxiety' could amount to anything, as I was so often told? I'm 18, a singer, musician and videographer with over 20,000 followers in total on social media! As much as anxiety tried (and still does) to play its games in limiting my growth, I didn't allow myself to deflate. I kept persevering outside of my comfort zone, even now I still challenge to combat it, it’s a daily battle. That being said, I continue living and loving life as well as I can.


Mental Health Diagnosis –

Anxiety and Depression

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