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Anxiety and Depression peer support group using Creative Writing to explore feelings and emotions based on their own recovery.  The main goal, beside the connectedness we all seek in these difficult times, would be to reflect and discuss how we were in the presence of anxiety symptoms.  As we know that mindfulness can be a factor that helps protect against feeling disabled by anxiety different techniques are taught to enable this as well as offering sufficient support for Q&A.


Eating Disorder and Body Dysmorphia peer support group offers a safe and inclusive space where you are able to express and explore your thoughts and feelings, struggles and successes with others who also experience an Eating Disorder/Disordered Eating or Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I hope you will find solace in meeting others with similar difficulties, and learn from one another’s experiences. There will be the opportunity to engage with journaling and art activities, relaxation, and grounding, as well as having a space to talk through your experiences.


For more information or to make a referral please contact Chris O'Sullivan via email at or call 07919 520422 

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