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Participate in the Waltham Forest Housing Strategy and Earn High Street Shopping Vouchers

The London Borough of Waltham Forest Council is developing a new Housing Strategy.

The strategy will set out how the Council and its partners address the pressing housing challenges that can impact the mental and emotional health of our community.

The strategy will be informed by the experiences of people living in Waltham Forest.

We want to learn from local people’s experiences of living in Waltham Forest.

Waltham Forest Council will be hosting a series of focus groups online and in person in late September. These focus groups are a chance for local people to share their story and tell us what they think could make a difference to housing in their community.

It will take about an hour of people’s time, and those who take part will receive a £15 high street shopping voucher as a thank you.

Anyone who is interested in taking part can register by visiting this website or they can contact Israel on 07498 449 747

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